Outsourcing Viability for Business Vitality among SMEs

“You don’t need to have size to gain benefits from an offshore team. You really don’t.” This is what Katie Knight, Owner/Broker of REMAX Success in Australia said during Offsure’s most recent webinar. Katie and the rest of the Success team partnered up with Offsure to build an offshore team here in the Philippines to help them with daily property management and sales administration tasks.

It is a common misconception that you need size and big money to outsource. Believe it or not, you better believe it, you can start a business with an offshore team. Indeed, small and medium-sized businesses might not have the same level of flexibility for outsourcing compared to large and multinational companies.

But, it is also true that the outsourcing industry here in the Philippines already surpassed the maturity stage.

Defining Maturity

Outsourcing here in the Philippines used to be dominated and is still dominated by voice services mainly for customer support or service. But the country’s education and workforce sectors upskilled big time to not only cope but to identify with broader services or senior level tasks.  

According to a recent white paper released by Outsource Accelerator, the BPO sector will accommodate an estimated 1.8 billion direct jobs by 2022.

SMEs & Outsourcing

More than 90% of businesses worldwide are small and medium-sized businesses. Imagine if at half of those businesses turned to outsourcing? Outsourcing is accessible to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and they are aware of it.

With outsourcing, they can bridge their operations towards highly skilled professionals without being hindered by budget limitations.

The Real Challenge of SMEs in Outsourcing

Attracting or sourcing highly capable employees is a hurdle for SMEs but no longer a hindrance. The real challenge is not finding capable employees but retaining them. Let’s say you found your rockstar and he or she has been A1+ since day one.

You can’t say for sure that he or she will be staying in our company forever. It is all unethical to prohibit him or her from taking on a new career in a new company with a higher salary and more opportunities. So, what will you do?

We’ve said this numerous times, great businesses are built not by revenues and ROIs but with great employees putting in the work and making sure it sticks.

There will always be risks in matter action or campaign you take in business. Size and budget are not risks and are in fact, your edge. You’ve started strong and you should not finish strong, there is no end to great service. There is an evident decline in outsourcing among large companies. So, outsourcing providers are going after small and medium-sized businesses to give them the edge they need.

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