Outsourcing the Back, the Front and the Middle

“What’s in it for me?”

The first question you need to ask if you’re looking to outsource your business overseas. To that, we say, “What’s in it for you?”

Yes, we answered a question, with a question.  But we said it with a confident, reassuring, stoked and a little “we’re up to something” tone. That’s right we are up to something and that something, is really SOMETHING.

So. Outsourcing, what is in it for YOU?

Back office

Back office, administrative or support functions are tasks that do not need client interface, either face to face or through technology communication. You can outsource these tasks using cloud based programs. These tasks can be time-consuming.

You might hit us with, “I can hire an onshore employee to take care of this.” Wow, good response. Well, with an onshore employee, you need to spend money on monthly salaries, mandatory benefits, office amenities and more.

With an offshore employee, all you have to worry about is the onboarding fee and the monthly bill. By the way, it is a guarantee that you can get two or more offshore employees for the price of one onshore talent.

If you decided to take care of back office tasks yourself, then you are slashing your focus time more than half everyday. It also does not matter what industry or sector you are in.

Front office

Outsourcing does not only have your back, but also your front. That’s right, you can outsource front office jobs now, actually many years ago. It does not matter if these tasks are entry-level, intermediate, senior or further level. You can outsource customer support, sales, marketing, lead generation and more.

Customer support and sales are both on a next level with outsourcing at the door. All of the biggest company giants in the world are outsourcing like Amazon and Apple.

Middle office

“Meet me in the middle.” Yes, we will. Middle office is kind of like the mission control center of a business. It is tasked to oversee risk management, mostly financially but also in terms of IT. The middle and back offices do not directly generate revenue for the business or company. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not important. These tasks are very important because they keep the company or business alive.

Middle office tasks are also being outsourced overseas, mainly for IT service desk support. Actually, even senior level IT and development jobs are also getting outsourced.

All these tasks can be outsourced. So, we’ll rephrase our answer to your question, “what not in it for you?”

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