One Simple Step to Start Outsourcing

How long are you going to sit on the fence? The grass on the other side is getting greener and greener, you know why? Because the people on the other side are outsourcing. We’re not suggesting outsourcing is a sure thing, we’re saying it.

“My business is not ready to outsource.” We’ve heard this response hundreds of times from potential clients we talked to. When are you going to be ready? Is it your business that is not ready or you?

Before, we said there are three steps to start outsourcing now, will drop it down to only one. That’s right, there is only one thing you need to do to outsource today.

We’ll sum up this one step to this: One Discovery Call away.

What’s a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is the introduction step between an outsourcing provider and a potential client. For most partnerships, everything starts with a discovery call. It’s easy and at times, it’ll only take at least an hour or two.

Through that meeting, either face-to-face or online, you are able to describe your business and the products or services you provide. You position your business and you determine what’s working and what’s not.

What to talk about?

Let’s say you have a discovery with Offsure. Don’t think of it as an introduction meeting, think of it as a brainstorming session. Don’t shy away with the details, because the more information you provide the better.

List down your objectives together. Define the risks together. Your business problems become our own. Your objectives become our own.
You list down the tasks you want to outsource. We’ll write down the job description for the role you want to outsource. If you want, we can write that together.

And Voila, it’s now the waiting game for you. But don’t worry, we mostly get back to our clients at least a couple of days after the discovery call. We source out prospects, we invite them for an interview and an exam. We then trim it down to the top applicants. For our second call, we present a shortlist and you then conduct the final interviews to make a decision.

After you’ve made a decision and chose the right people for the job, that’s it. What comes next is more challenging and all about maximising your offshore team. We’ll help you with that as well.

See, all it takes is a discovery call. Outsourcing’s “getting to know each other” is on another level compared to romance’s “getting to know each other” version.

Budget is not an issue

If you’re worried about the cost of outsourcing, put your mind at ease. Trust us when we say costing is not even a small issue in outsourcing. But, cost-effective solutions is not what we are all about. Although we do that part well, really well. You don’t need to break new grounds for this. All it really takes is a discovery call. 

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