Have you met Outsourcing?

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Outsourcing saves money. Offshore outsourcing gives you an advantage. Outsourcing improves team efficiency. Outsourcing is the key to business success. You’ve read it all, you’ve heard it all – and you’ll keep reading and hearing about it.

Firstly, outsourcing is more than just a business strategy for businesses these days, it’s a way of life or way of business if you will.

Way of the Outsourced

Outsourcing or offshoring is building and leveraging an offshore team overseas. You then have an onshore team and a cost-effective offshore team at your disposal.

Administrative, clerical, customer support, property management, lead generation, marketing, accounting, recruitment, payroll, management and more tasks can be given to remote professionals. This will give you and your onshore team more focused time on your key tasks like client interaction, real income generating activity.

These days, you can even outsource primary and senior responsibilities using cloud-based programs and software. Some businesses can outsource in excess of 90% of their daily business operation overseas. So if that was you and your business, what’s left to accomplish? Consider your ability to focus, grow and actually have time out of the business too.

The Outsourcers

With your offshore team in the background mobilised, you’re able to get the momentum you need to grow your business portfolio. Meet new clients, address growing demands, enter new markets and beyond. If you want to accomplish these objectives with flying colours, then you’re going to need more crayons.

Team Growth through Outsourcing

Crayons a.k.a professionals / staff / employees – growing your team will always cost you money. New employees = recruitment costs, health benefits to pay, new hardware and more. Recruitment takes time, especially to find the best candidate. With that, reviewing tens if not hundreds of CVs, spend hours in interviews to make an informed and ultimately, hopefully, the right decision.

There is risk in this part of business. You are investing more money hoping to meet that rockstar employee to join your team. It’s the same with outsourcing, only you’re able to minimise the risks and the cost.

The Outsourcing Effect

The cost differentials will save you thousands of dollars during the recruitment and onboarding process and your outsourcing partner will take care 90% of the hiring process for you. Above all, it’s not only at the start of the process where you’ll save – this model is cost-effective throughout the term of your employees time within your business. Often a month’s salary for an onshore employee would take care of two, maybe three offshore.

In with Outsourcing

This may sound a little crazy, but everything here is a GUARANTEE. You don’t have to take our word for it, grab the opportunity to talk to other businesses owners already outsourcing and hear about their experiences. Connect with us to access our latest webinar where we speak with a couple of seasoned real estate professionals in very different businesses who are doing great things with an outsourced.

Catch us for the next Back to Basics instalment where we cover “Getting Started”. 

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