Offshore and Onshore Teams: Business Dynamic Duo

The Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. NASA, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Bacon and eggs. Vegemite and toast. Salt and pepper (not the hip-hop group). Tom and Jerry. Sun and sand.

All awesome and together even better..!

In the business world, we have ONSHORE and OFFSHORE teams. Onshore teams are your staff working with you in your office. Offshore teams, also known as remote are your staff working with you, based in another country.

Given the potential distance between these two teams, you might think that working together is impossible. But it’s not – modern technology offering cloud-based software via the internet enables onshore and offshore teams to collaborate and become the ultimate dynamic duo for your business.

Why build an offshore team?

Building an offshore team is a common business strategy around the globe. There are multiple avenues to make this work – freelancing platforms, renting your own office space and recruiting your own people or partnering with an offshore provider.

Working with a provider ensures your offshore team’s recruitment, payroll, onboarding, orientation, HR and other admin is taken care of – you save time and money. With an offshore team in place, you are also establishing a better working environment for your onshore squad, more support enabling them time to engage with your clients directly.

Offshore teams mostly provide back-office and administrative support by using cloud-based technology to complete process based tasks. But more recently employers have started to engage offshore senior and even managerial positions to take up some of the heavy liftings within their business.

What can’t you offshore?

There are hundreds of tasks you can offshore but increasing client engagement is not one of them. But this is where the magic happens…  Having an offshore team providing resource to your onshore staff relieves them from time consuming admin. They’re able to focus on client relationships – building on existing and establishing new ones.
A well-oiled machine? Not even close. You’re talking about a workforce here – a collective of awesome professionals helping you not only run but build your business.
Are you enabling your local team to run at their full capacity or would an offshore team make a world of difference?

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