Outsourcing Security Maintenance, Research and Lead Generation

Security companies are outsourcing. What is there to outsource when it comes to security? Security expertise and information are more viable when delivered in person. It’s impossible to outsource the installation of security techs. So, what can be outsourced after the installation?

Maintenance Coordination

Maintenance obviously can’t be outsourced. But the coordination of it, that’s a different story, a better story for providers and consumers. In Australia, hundreds of security companies are leveraging their own team of maintenance coordinators to keep track and organize all maintenance issues and requests coming from thousands of clients.

From our own experience, one maintenance coordinator can provide efficient support and reports for more than 1000 clients. That’s not even the max number he or she can cover.

A coordinator can establish and manage inventory through a database to check all customers due for maintenance and to schedule maintenance requests. A coordinator can also connect directly to customers to make sure their security alarm system is in optimal condition.

Security Research and Immersion

Security providers are also hiring researchers to help their businesses acquire the primary needs and demands of their target audience. What security techs are required by many? What’s the biggest security issue they deal with? What is the budget range people are willing to spend for security systems and services?

With these information, providers are able to model their business products and services according to essential data generated from their target audience.

Security Education

Not everyone is sold to the entire idea of security systems. Some find security systems unnecessary and/or expensive. First thing you need to ask is, “is it worth it?” Security equipment, alarm monitoring and maintenance require monthly or annual payment. In short, it’ll cost you.

Having a remote professional to inform people about your services is a great investment in the long and short-haul. Think about it, not everyone is familiar with the full integration of security systems to homes. It’s not just security alarms, CCTV cameras, sensors, intercom, monoxide detectors, and access control. You can put a price tag in all of these, but you can’t put a price tag to peace of mind.

Lead Generation

A security company can also benefit from a professional inclined and adept when it comes to sales. First, how many people are there in your community? How many people can benefit from the services you provide?

You don’t have to bend all over to get these numbers as you can have someone connect with everyone.

Let’s wrap up

You know the best thing about all of these, one professional can handle all of these things. It’s not going to be easy but it will surely be worth it. If one can’t handle the workload, get another one.

That’s the great thing about outsourcing, you can increase your team without worrying about spending thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. With all of that in place, you can focus on what you do best, SECURE PEOPLE, SECURE LIVES.

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