Multitasking: Are you doing it right?

“Thanks to multitasking, I am able to accomplish 2 to 3 tasks simultaneously with ease.”

Good for you. There is a quote known among employees that goes “getting the job done and done well.” You’ve got the first part of that in the bag, but how about the “done well” part?

Dissecting Multitasking

Multitasking is the activity of dealing or addressing more than one task at the same time. But if you think about it, multitasking in the office means switching from one task to another in between seconds or a little bit longer.

Several studies and articles suggest multitasking is not getting the job done as efficiently as we thought. On the contrary, multitasking actually reduces our focus resulting in slow and sloppy progress. According to a 2018 article by Forbes, highly efficient and successful people don’t multitask and instead they focus on a specific task or activity with full focus. To support that statement, a study from Stanford University stated multitasking makes employees less effective.

Think about it, you want the job accomplished and you want to do it with flying colours. That will require more than 100% of your focus. Inc. reported multitasking decreases our intelligence by 17%. That might not be the case for everyone but there are conclusive proofs that it deteriorates productivity. According to experts and employees multitasking is not just about getting the job done but having master over one’s expertise to ensure foolproof productivity.

Multitasking vs Multi-management

Many employees do benefit from juggling one task after another, but does it benefit their work? Instead of multitasking why not manage multiple tasks or projects, in other words, work management. You can focus and better track your progress. This will help you get the job done faster and a lot more accurate. Manage your time and your work efficiently and you’re golden. You don’t need to be aggressive with it, you just need the right approach. Keep in mind, work management is time management.

Also, no matter how tough it gets or how much time you have left, everything still goes down to your ability to get it done. Be proactive with what you’re accomplishing and minimise distractions at all cost, at all….cost.

Is multitasking an illusion?

No, it is not, this works. For some, multitasking is a big step towards breaking down procrastination. Multitasking demands you to be present with your tasks and that leaves you no room to procrastinate.

Yes to PROductivity, no to PROcrastination. We’re not saying it’s bad, we’re saying it’s not the best way to get ahead.

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