Real Estate Outsourcing: Your Cloud-Based Edge

Majority of real estate firms in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. are utilising cloud computing and those who are not, cannot be far behind. Initially offering opportunities to the real estate industry, cloud computing now provides solutions.

More than 70% of property management tasks can be completed with cloud-based software meaning no physical presence or client interface is required. Less client interface might sound odd especially for a relationship-driven industry, but we know real estate is a mobile business. Property managers and agents use email, data sharing and storage, mobile applications, task management, calendar application and more – these are all cloud-based.

Operation Mobility

Using the cloud, property managers and agents can now work from any location or office. In short, the office is operating online. This mobility not only benefits back office support but field teams as well. Instead of worrying about going back and forth to the office for tasks like managing arrears, new applications, invoices, sales and more, they have mobility. They can focus on building better client interface with personal interactions and at the same time increase rent roll.

To fully get the best out of cloud-based systems, hundreds of real estate firms are utilising outsourcing solutions. As mentioned above, your office is online, meaning employees can access everything wherever they are. That is what outsourced teams are all about, helping businesses thousands of miles away with numerous tasks. To make things better, communication, no matter the distance is more direct with the cloud in play.

CRM Beyond

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is important for all real estate businesses, agents and principals out there. CRM programs active in the cloud simplified data entry, lead generation, referrals, lease expirations, tenancy applications and more. Everything is done on the go and all data are safely managed and monitored. Not only that, providers gave more transparency, documentation and information to clients about their real estate process.

Capacity and Scalability

Many agents and principals would spend most of their day in the office keeping up with new properties, new applicants, lending restrictions, increasing demands and so much more. These people need business capacity to fully focus on their core tasks of growing the firm and that means more facetime with potential clients or leads.

Cloud-based tools combined with outsourcing made it possible for real estate providers to hire more people without spending extra money and even saving a lot. Think about it, a seamless and organised workflow that addressed all tasks with efficiency. Your agents on the ground don’t have to worry about scheduling routine inspection because your outsourced team is on it. You don’t need to spend an hour sending out those emails to your clients because your outsourced team is on it.

With capacity comes great scalability. Using cloud-based systems will give you more control over your business. All the resources you need at your fingertips no matter what problem comes. You have more manpower instead of you multitasking. Don’t settle for stability when you can have scalability.

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