Being Double Productive in the Real Estate Stage

“I’m double productive.”

This is what Cyndi Ward, Managing Director of RE/MAX Gold in Gladstone said after utilising outsourcing solutions for her real estate and property management tasks.

We’re pretty confident Cyndi isn’t the only one who feels this way. Managing directors, principals, owners and agents as well might even feel tripe-productive heck, quadruple it! We know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually true.

Real estate and property management professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and throughout the United States are turning to outsourcing as a cost-effective strategy to improve their back-office support and client interface. Keep in mind, cost saving is not the only win when it comes to outsourcing.

Putting Double Productivity into Perspective

As an Australian award-winning Property Manager, Cyndi Ward is an elite on the real estate stage. Above all, she took RE/MAX Gold’s asset management office to the next level. She continues to guide and mentor the next generation of property managers.

Even with her experience, skills and knowledge, Cyndi knows there is always room for improvement, for her and her team. That’s what leads them to outsource and bring on new team member, James Tasic. James takes care of a variety of back-office tasks for the team. He enables them more focused time for their core tasks, boosting rent roll and growing and maintaining client relationships.

“We have a saying here, ‘the phone is for conversation, email is for confirmation and texts are great for reminders.’ We were becoming so bogged down in paperwork with email and text were becoming our main communication tools. Now, email and text are now in the background. Our wonderful James is doing that for us and we’re doing the ‘phone is for conversation’ part” – Cyndi Ward.

Triple Productivity

To explain, hiring an outsourced admin or virtual assistant for your real estate business can be beneficial beyond back-office support. Many admin assistants are fluent in multiple real estate software platforms along with accounting software, marketing/creative tools, diary and database management.

For example, James was able to revamp a marketing brochure for RE/MAX Gold working to their brand guidelines. Thus, Cyndi would have cost “quite extraordinary money” to have it recreated by a local company. James did it within 24 hours, no extra fees required. James is a part of RE/MAX Gold’s team. He helps wherever he can just like any other member of the team.

Marketing, advertising, social media management, customer support and lead generation are just some of the services complimenting property management that can take a real estate business from 0 to 100.

Defining the Value

Building and utilising an outsourced team isn’t only about putting support in place for your local team to have more time to focus on new and existing clients. It’s about establishing business capacity and continuity, without sacrificing the quality of your existing real estate services.

Again, outsourcing in real estate isn’t a good idea – it’s a great idea. Is your real estate business ready to be amped up? Connect with the OFFSURE team to discover how and where an outsourced team could make huge changes in your business.

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