Working around the clock is admirable, especially every single day. You are getting the job done and done well. You are meeting deadlines and knocking projects left and right. When someone asks you, “How’s work?” you reply with “Work is great.” But when someone asks you “How’s life?” can you answer the same?

Work productivity should benefit your work and personal life, not just the former.

Here are some tips to help you balance your work at the office and your life at home.

Work around business hours, not around the clock

Remember, hard work and work hard are two different things. Thousands of employees these days take work back at home. This habit according to studies can lead to poor work performance, lesser productivity and sometimes, even depression. It is also possible to bring home not only work but stress and frustration as well. Worst case scenario, you unload everything to your loved ones.

You are a hardworking individual and that is why you deserve hours of rest. If you really need to bring work at home, make sure to manage your time for you and for your family to reconnect. In short, recharge today, because tomorrow is a big day.

Work management and efficiency

Sticky notes are perfect to keep track of your tasks and to write down reminders as well. However, does it promote work management and efficiency efficiently? Nowadays, many employees are actually planning a week earlier and some, believe it or not, a month.

It sounds a lot, but the mindset it, “why rely on several reminders every day if you can create a blueprint.” Productivity is getting the job done right, not quickly. Management is strategically keeping track of your progress not checking how much time you have left to get things done.

Put the internet to good use

The Internet is a tool for seamless productivity, not for everyone though. Over 60% of workers these days surf the internet for non-work purposes and just simply for entertainment. Some employees access their social media accounts, others watch videos, others pay bills and others shop online. Not only is surfing at work for personal reasons a violation of work ethic but it also takes time away from what is important – YOUR JOB. If you are encouraged not to bring work at home, then make it a habit not to surf the net when you’re at the office.

Take 15 to 20-minute breaks

Believe it or not, employees who take breaks are more efficient compared to those who don’t. It’s understandable that you find it hard to move away from your desk with all the task you need to take care of. But you are going to get overwhelmed. Taking short breaks allow your body and mind to cool down a bit to prepare for what’s next. When you get back on your desk, you, then it is on.

Assess yourself

From time to time, it is advisable to evaluate yourself and everything you’ve accomplished. At the end of the month, take time and look back to all the tasks and projects you were able to complete. For the ones you were not able to finish, it’s ok, you did your best. You can also determine your mistakes or miscalculations.

Don’t limit your evaluation at the office. Were you able to fix that faulty wire in the kitchen? Were you able to go for a jog with your sister? Were you able to prepare that salad with your brother? Were you able to spend some quality time with your loved ones? Were you? You are not a superhero, nor you are an advanced AI tech. You are a normal employee and you are doing great!

Outsource today

This one is a bonus. If you are flooded with deadlines and projects, feel free to reach out and someone will give you a hand. This business strategy will help you delegate your core tasks and activities to efficient employees. Outsourcing will save you not only thousands of dollars but thousands of minutes as well. You can then use that time to spend to yourself or with your family. Get some rest, you deserve it.

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