Talent Solutions are Shaping Industries

Successful outsourcing companies around the globe grow and thrive by providing talented staff to great companies. At OFFSURE we work to provide more than talented staff to our clients, we build teams of dedicated talent solutions.

Outsourcing isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t a piece of cake either. Businesses need resources, information, technology, but most of all, they need the right people and we’re here to help them find them. 

What’s a Talent Solution? 

Working as an outsourced team member means global employment in almost any industry. Commonly the most outsourced roles are customer support, lead generation, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, data entry and ICT. But these days, businesses are looking to outsource event management, web design, tax filing, legal support and even healthcare services.  

The creative industry is also experiencing a massive injection of outsourced talent solutions. Roles like branding, photography, content marketing, social media management and even animation are becoming available. 

The outsourcing industry is constantly on the move – what was once known only as BPO (business process outsourcing) has now evolved into KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) which just shows the incredible talent available globally and how companies are looking to include offshore individuals and teams as integral members of their business. 

Knowledge Process Outsourcing 

KPO allows businesses to outsource core activities not just admin support. Analytics & market research, engineering, design, research & development and more senior roles are now being outsourced and big business is grabbing this talent solution opportunity with both hands.  But it’s not just global giants that are capable of handling KPO, both small and medium-sized businesses are also able to be rewarded by moving to outsourced talent solutions, meaning some of the most interesting and rewarding roles are now available to be filled. 

The Threat of Automation and AI 

Employees working in the manufacturing and telecommunication or customer support industries are worried about the rise of artificial intelligence. In the Philippines, AI-powered translators are helping companies save thousands of dollars every month. The obvious downside for employees is experts are now predicting in the next four to five years, AI will replace over 50,000 process-driven BPO jobs in the Philippines.  

But the good news is our clients are demanding more than just fluent English-speaking staff and this is where talent solutions make all the difference. Despite the rise of the machines, the demand for human talent from the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia is on the rise. Why is that? Because other than the benefit of reducing costs, outsourcing is still big because it enhances service quality. Over 75% of businesses positively promote a productive relationship with the outsourcing industry – ultimately, the human touch..! 

In a Nutshell 

Cost-effective staffing advantage is still the main reason businesses outsource. But coming in at a close second is of course, the quality of work provided by outsourced talent solutions.  Many clients still believe that real talent is still better than any technology no matter how dynamic or complex. And there are jobs that AI simply can’t handle, so leave it to the professionals, the real professionals.  

Right now, millions of job seekers around the world are waiting for updates from their most recent job interviews. But please keep in mind that as you search for that one job opportunity, hundreds of businesses are looking for an employee just like you. 


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