Offshore Outsourcing: Getting everyone on board 

Offshoring or offshore outsourcing means bridging your offshore and local teams. Both need to work as one cohesive team, despite the distance. But what if the two teams don’t get along? What do you do then?

For some team leaders, getting everyone on board around the “offshore” concept isn’t always easy. Sometimes, cost-effective measures and commercial benefits are simply not enough to convince your local team. We want to help you with this, so we came up with three tactics you can use to ensure your local team is on board to move forward.

Be Inclusive

Offshoring is not just a business decision, it’s a growth strategy. If you really want to get everyone on board, find out what your local team already know about offshoring. Are they open to the concept? No doubt there will be some questions, perhaps concerns at first. But remember this is a positive way to create conversation around the topic, use this time to make your case on how the business will benefit from an offshore team. When they understand your “why” they will also want to be a part of making it a success.

Introduction vs Induction

Don’t just pick one, do both! When we say “introduction” we don’t mean just knowing the ‘new guys’ name. Your teams need to sit down via video conference call and one-by-one, introduce themselves, their role and what they bring to the business table. It’s so important that every member of your team understands both their own and their colleagues’ responsibilities within the business. This will help everyone understand why they’re all there and also provide clarity around roles and workflows.

Rather than asking, “what’s in it for me?” instead ask “what’s in it for the team?” Offshoring is not just for the business and the owners, it’s for everyone. Having an offshore team helps the local team focus on core tasks and activities to drive revenue and ROI through the roof. Technology is vital within this relationship. Introduce the software and tools the teams will use for communication and project management. Products like, Outlook 365 for file sharing and collaboration and Zoom for video conference meetings are game changers.

Positive Change

Instead of seeing offshoring as a big change, why not think of it as a major improvement. Sometimes local employees are concerned about the impact of an offshore team. They are nervous about the impacts on the business, its operations and their role within the business directly. You need to be sure that hiring an offshore team is intended for problem-solving, growth and development, not only for the business but for your existing employees as well. The results benefitting themselves, the business and your clients.

If you can’t convince your team, maybe someone else can. Do you know anyone utilising offshoring right now? Invite them to speak to your local team so they can hear the benefits of offshoring from someone with real experience with the strategy. We can also provide plenty of case studies, stats and facts – just ask, we’re here to make this as painless as possible.

The Right Way

Out of the five, offshoring is proven to be the best outsourcing strategy out there. Can you name the other four? If you can’t, we’ll help you out. Click here to find out more about outsourcing and its strategies and how OFFSURE can work with you to bring business and people together.

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