Outsourcing Content Marketing

Before potential customers contact you, they are probably more than half way ready to buy your products or utlilise your services. But how did they find you? Possibly referred or maybe they fell down the rabbit hole that is Google and stumbled across your business. Word of mouth is great, but to really market your business and develop customer loyalty, content marketing is your best bet.

What is Content?

Nope, not the happy and satisfied feelings kind of ‘content’ – not this time anyway. Content in this context is stuff. Content can be words, images and or videos conveying a message. Visual or audio info – when it comes to marketing, content encourages people to pick up what “you’re putting down” – utilise or purchase your product or service offering.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is specified for a targeted audience by creating, designing, writing, publishing and distributing informative content. Well, that’s a mouthful.

But many believe that the phrase content marketing is redundant since all types of marketing are driven by content. True story right? Email marketing, cross-media marketing, cause marketing and all other types of marketing have content.

However, content marketing should always reflect your businesses marketing strategies. It’s important to not only strive for beautiful and unique but for tactical and strategic content marketing as well as tailoring the content to your buying audience.

Your campaigns don’t have to be one of a kind everytime time, but they need to work. Great content marketing is driven by a clear objective, a consistent message, containing accurate data and can be measured to see your results.

Why Outsource Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing is vital to any business, but it’s not your only priority, right? Staying on top of your financials, payroll and accounts receivable can be just a couple of headaches. Customer support, admin, lead generation – the list goes on.

These responsibilities and not having the right people to take care of them can keep you up at night, literally leaving you NEEDING that morning coffee. So why not simplify? Why not outsource your content marketing?

Let me paint you a picture…

Imagine having an awesome graphic designer and a content writer on your team. They produce all sorts of marketing visuals and ads for your business, published on and offline. You focus on growing the business and they focus on telling the world about your business.

You’ve built the brand and they position it for you on all marketing platforms including social media, a driving force in marketing today. It’s not just pitching products or services but educating people with valuable ‘content’ they can benefit from.

Don’t sell – give value and value will be given back to you.

You want a copy of that picture?

You’ve imagined having a designer and a writer in your business. Now, imagine a creative team at your fingertips, ready to make your ideas a reality – taking your brand to the world.

We can help you with that. Click here and get creative or marketive (is there even a word..?) with OFFSURE’s very own creative team.

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