Onboarding: Your New Hire Program


Onboarding is the process of inducting new employees into your business. It’s not just a quick intro, but hopefully more of overall integration.

Most first days include showing new employees the ropes, they are introduced to the company policies and standard operations and to the team. But onboarding does need to go deeper, let’s break it down.

Setting the Stage

New employees on their first day should familiarise themselves with the hardware and software they’ll be using daily. Discuss with them their confidence moving forward with the products provided. Cover off any software perhaps that is new to them.

Also, ensure someone is available to train them where required. This is important, particularly if you have customised products specific to your company or industry. Take the time to assess their desk setup and determine if they have everything they need to get the job done.

Sharing Value

On an employee’s first day, introduce them to the purpose of the job they’ve successfully secured. Don’t just tell them what to do but tell them why they’re doing it and the value behind everything they contribute.

For example, a new admin assistant for your real estate business is already highly skilled in property management tasks, but not fully understanding her contribution to the team could lead to boredom or even burnout.

Sit down with her and tell her that everything she does helps the agents and principals better manage properties on the real estate market and that as a team, you are all helping families into new homes through a positive and professional real estate experience.

A comprehensive new hire program is vital if you want staff to start strong and become an efficient problem solver and company cheerleader along the way. You’re not only giving them confidence but a great sense of competency to get the job done and done well.

Cultivate Culture

Once again, a simple orientation about the company’s backstory, motto and objectives won’t cut it. As the employer or manager, it’s your job to welcome them. Ensure they understand they’re now on a professional stage where their ideas and contributions are not only recognised but valued.

Inspire healthy competition to motivate employees to work hard not just for the accolades but to really grow the business and build the team behind it. Establish a workplace where employees can voice both concerns and ideas that contribute positively to all aspects of your business.

Valuing new employees by giving them time can only positively impact their experience for the ensure you have added a strong team player to your business – it’s worth the investment.


At OFFSURE we pride ourselves on being pros at onboarding – new staff experience is a priority for us to ensure your new team member feels welcomed to the OFFSURE family and that they feel confident to embrace their new role working with you. Too many times we hear stories where new employees weren’t given much focused time and information during the onboarding.

When you hire through OFFSURE we help you navigate your onboarding experience. Regardless if this is your first time with an offshore employee or the tenth. When we connect with you for a Discovery Call, we are able to walk you through the process. We can really show you how seamless this can be.

Let’s connect. Click here to confirm a time that works for you. That way, we can show you all that outsourcing can offer you and your business.

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