Outsourcing: Home-based vs Office-based

If you were to outsource some tasks from your business, would you prefer to hire someone working from the comfort of their home or someone based in an office environment?

There are factors to consider, but we have the inside scoop and can tell you everything you need to know to ensure you make an informed decision to the question above.


Outsourcing is a cost-effective move, to begin with. You take advantage of cost-differentials in a country where you can hire two to three employees for the price of one locally. A home-based setup can potentially be more affordable because it eliminates the normal office overheads.

Data Security

If you’re sharing confidential information with your outsourced team, then data security is a concern you need to address. Most office-based outsourcing companies these days comply with the laws handed down by governments and organizations within a country. These laws include responsible data management, sharing and security. Violating these rules can and will result in criminal charges, both minor and major punishments.

Data security is a growing issue among home-based outsourcing because, in most partnerships, there are no employee contracts signed. You rely purely on trust as to whether people handle your data and information responsibly, or not. Legal contracts are available to home-based setup – however, preparing, authorizing and implementing these legal documents can’t be formalised via the internet or cloud computing.


This one is hard to define. There are studies proclaiming working from home is more productive, but others would certainly beg to differ. There is no denying office employees are able to work collaboratively and are more engaged with their colleagues.

When talking about productivity you also need to consider supervision. Managers or team supervisors implement and observe rules in an office to maintain a progressive workflow among employees, eliminating the influence of distractions. A well structured work environment boosts morale and efficiency.

Home-based employees generally don’t have or need supervisors to look after them. Therefore, it is up to them and their employer (who is based overseas) to inspire productivity. However, it is a fair assumption that home-based employees tend to procrastinate more with minimal or no supervision at all.


If you want a successful outsourcing story, then managing your remote team efficiently is a requirement. It’s not just about establishing and maintaining productivity. If you’re working with a freelancer or home-based employees, then it is up to you to manage these professionals. One trap in home-based outsourcing is scattered freelancers working from different parts of the world making core management a big problem.

In most office-based outsourcing providers, operation managers, team leaders and supervisors are employed to manage and evaluate remote teams directly. These managers then report back to you to assess the operation in order to strategize, address issues as they arise and give recognition where it’s due.

The Value

We highly recommend office-based outsourcing, especially if you’re looking at the bigger picture. It might cost you a little more, but will ultimately save you in the long run. Outsourcing isn’t only about saving a lot of money but growing your business resulting in increased profits and production.

Ultimately the decision is in your hands but remember we’re here to help.  OFFSURE are able to recruit, support and maintain your outsourced team so you can focus on your businesses growth. 

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