3 Types of Outsourcing Providers

We’ve talked about the 5 outsourcing strategies there are, offshoring, onshoring, multisourcing, nearshoring and crowdsourcing. Now, let’s discuss the 3 types of outsourcing providers.

Niche Outsourcing

This provider targets a specific service or industry. For example, an outsourcing provider focused only on accounting and accounting-related services. Another good example is a seller providing nothing but real estate and property management services. In the Niche setup, providers can exert their resources, technology and expertise on a particular service or group of services under one industry. Just like all models, Niche is a collaborative and collective of brilliant minds. But it is more concentrated and that ensures quality outsourcing.

Boutique Outsourcing

Unlike niche, boutique outsourcing providers cater to several services and industries simultaneously. Case in point, Offsure. We provide talent solutions for accounting, finance, ICT, marketing, human resource, real estate, legal process support and more. Basically, there are no limitations for a boutique provider when it comes to outsourcing. All it takes is to find the right professionals – use the right technology and provide the best training. Boutique providers are also on top when it comes to back office support for businesses.

Most boutique providers are engaged in the offshoring strategy and are utilising modern technology to take care of the communication and distance barriers. In this setup, outsourcing services are inclusive. They take care most of the process from sourcing talents, on-boarding, managing the offshore team and more. Just like niche, boutique outsourcing sellers are on top of things. They monitor their offshore teams daily to maximise efficiency that results in cost-effectiveness, growth and strong ROI for both parties.

Generalist Outsourcing

Generalist is similar to boutique but not with everything. These providers are also capable of taking in clients from different services and industries. However, unlike niche and boutique, generalists don’t provide much supervision and administrative support to outsource teams. A generalist does not offer inclusive packages that include most of the onboarding requirements for an outsource employee or team. Also going back, additional computers, equipment, programs and other technology will require additional fees.

Choosing your provider

It takes time and evaluation to determine the right model for your business. You need to consider all key factors before making an informed decision. This will take time but that is time you’re going to want to have. Outsourcing solutions are not only cost-effective but proactive in making the best out of every business situation or status there is.

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