Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination

There’s no big secret to beating procrastination. There is a key and we’ll reveal it at the end of this article.

Believe it or not, even the most productive and proactive professionals procrastinate once or twice. We all have procrastination tendencies and the more we give in the less we accomplish.

First of all, why do people procrastinate to begin with? Low self-compassion, out of control circumstances, perfectionism, fear of the unknown, poor time management, depression or maybe, you just don’t feel like it.

It’s easy to procrastinate and that is not good, it never was. Here are five ways to beat procrastination right now.

Understand your procrastination

In solving any problem, the first step is to acknowledge there is a problem to begin with. Face it, you’ve been procrastinating, and you need to do something about it. Remember to be kind to yourself. We’re not implying it’s your fault, so we’ll let you imply it yourself. Now, you are aware of your shortcomings and you are stoked to do something about it. Determine the reasons why you procrastinated to begin with and make your peace. You get to start from the place you didn’t start before. Get it?

Sweat the small stuff

Procrastination throws you into a loop and it’s going to be a challenge to be productive. Start accomplishing small tasks one by one. The smallest step can make the biggest impact of all. Little by little, you’re getting synced with your work and before you know it, you’re back on track baby.

I see Deadlines

Deadlines and employees were never friends, but they see eye to eye. The problem is you are being ruled by those deadlines when you’re the pilot on this ride. Set your deadlines and put them on a calendar or sticky notes, your choice. This is not about keeping the pressure on but converting that pressure to productivity and then productivity to accomplishments.

Eyes on the price

When we say price, we mean goals. It’s just that Eyes on the goals is not that catchy. You’re aware of the setbacks because you procrastinated. Next, be aware of the outcomes or results you’ll get because you didn’t procrastinate or held anything back. You might bring your company its biggest sale to date or maybe close that deal your boss can’t. Focus on growth and development. Recognition, incentives or gift cards will surely come after.

Schedule your procrastination time

We know, we’re talking about slaying procrastination and here we are telling you to schedule it. Only this time, you’re giving a different meaning to the word. When most people procrastinate, they tend to be lazy. Why not use that procrastination time to clean your work station or maybe catch up with your colleagues or employees. You’re basically on pause but you remain engaged.

What about the key?

Yes, the key. Patience, it’s coming. Procrastination has been here for years. You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” I bet one the workers procrastinated, don’t you? Anyway, there is no need to conduct thorough research to drill down why people, why you procrastinate.

It’s unfortunate, but we have to face it – procrastination is part of our human nature. But, so is productivity and passion. So, the key, not to sound cheesy, but YOU are the key. It’s dark on that side, so why not put on a light right? Stop procrastinating my friend.

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