5 Signs your Business is Ready to Outsource

On your business journey, you might experience a moment in time where you throw your hands in the air and utter the words “This is too much, it’s time..! We need more hands, we need more resource.” You might not specifically use the word “outsource” but the moment will come, and the bottom line is, you and your business need help.

Outsourcing is a strategy that targets a variety of internal business challenges by hiring external staffing resource. Building an outsourced team, often on another continent is extremely cost-effective when compared with hiring locally and all going to plan, only enhances the quality of service and level of production your business can provide.

Determining whether your business would benefit from outsourcing is actually relatively simple, here are our 5 signs or symptoms that we regularly see in businesses who are ready to make the move towards building an outsourced team.

You’re Ready to Go Global

You and your local team are nailing it on the sales front and interest from international clients is on the rise. Entering new markets and growing an international audience is definitely the direction you want to head in, but what if they say “yes”?  Do you have the staff resource to support the increase in activity?

With an outsourced team in place, you will have the ability to research new markets, here and abroad and support new clients to further your business and gain momentum.

Increased Customer Complaints

It’s bad for business when your email inbox starts blowing up with complaints about poor or inadequate customer service support. Delayed replies, follow up calls not made, canceled meetings and so on – the “we’ve been busy” line and the “family emergency” eventually start to get old. You need to connect with your clients as people and build relationships.

Hiring locally will come with significant cost. Hiring an outsourced team provides a cost-effective solution with the ability to scale where and when you need it.

Stress levels increasing

Outsourcing is also about helping business owners focus more on income building activity. Common in start-ups and small business you see the same patterns repeat. An accountant slowly building their own company website and web developers navigating their way through payroll. Don’t get us wrong, of course you can learn how to do these things, but learning takes time. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The right outsourced professional will get the job done for you, while you’re focusing on the tasks you’re passionate about. We’re not saying outsourcing takes the stress away, but it will reduce it – bring back work-life balance back by outsourcing.

Revenue Growth is Slow

Marketing is a core element to business growth. However, you can’t rely on your traditional methods forever, just because they worked “before”.

Measuring your ROI (return on investment) is where you discover the success vs marketing dollars spent. For example, you’re sending out e-newsletters – but are you using the best circulation option, are you maintaining your database, what are your open rates, click throughs?  If you’re measuring, you’re not having to wonder what’s working and what’s not.

With outsourcing, you can have the resource in your team, in your business to measure all the insights and statistics you need not only for marketing but for finance and recruitment as well. Remember “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it“ – Peter Drucker

Budget is Tight

Marketing spend is not the only column of your business where expenses can blow out – recruitment, operations, office supplies, hardware, software are just a few on the list. The budget is already tight and local resource is expensive. To grow you need sustainability without sacrificing capacity for business continuity. You need cash flow and resource, the solution – build an outsourced team today.

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