Not everything can be automated

These days almost everything we touch is in some way, shape or form, automated.  Technological advancements only keep climbing the curve – quantum computing, cloud computing, augmentation, artificial intelligence, IoT, voice search, robotics have become the norm and innovation continues to push forward to new breakthroughs and ground breaking ideas. The question is though, are we a part of driving change or are we just in the passenger seat enjoying the ride?

Regardless, in a world where disruption and tech advancements are considered normal, there are still some things that can’t be automated, augmented or digitised.

Welcome to Critical Thinking

Good enough these days is not even close to enough. Thinking outside the box takes you here but you need to be there. Technology will continue to adapt, but people are capable of extensive research and next level thinking through a variety of platforms. Critical thinking is analysis and evaluation of both good and bad information, outputs, factors, content and even emotions that results in not only better, but potentially the best decisions. Human decisions. This is the evolution of “free will” beyond intelligence and with it, we’re able to see the biggest picture. Artificial intelligence is incredible, but remember the word artificial is there for a reason.

Technology can pinpoint the source of the issue, but it is up to us to interpret and solve it.


Respect, camaraderie, integrity, honesty, the list goes on. These traits are vital no matter how advanced our civilization. In an era that now thrives on modern technology and competition in an industry, ethics in the workforce are more important than ever. Working with each other, despite disagreements enhances our capabilities and responsibilities as professionals, not just as human beings. We engage in collaborative solutions and we promote a workplace where everyone finds value in what they and others do. Technology is user-friendly, but we as people have to co-exist.

Creativity & Imagination

Technology in creativity is a tool to materialise, and showcase our ideas. Software enables us to enhance and stylise, saturate and filter visuals instantaneously. But that doesn’t mean the human touch is no longer required. Creativity these days runs right alongside strategy. Imagination is not delusion. Simple ideas are transformed into beautiful concepts resulting in powerful results. People and brands strive to be unique and that in itself brings its own challenges – little by little, we are realising that by being unique and standing out still leaves us all in the same place.

Technology can draw a picture, people put the meaning behind it.

Innovation in Us

We are given huge responsibility when we utilise modern technology in the name of progress. In a world of modernization, we’re learning to initiate innovation in ourselves by coming up with new concepts for the greater good. Automation, robotics, AI, smart tech, self-lacing shoes..! All of these are vessels, we are still the captains of this ship. 

Remember, today you are the Captain.

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