Millions of properties enter and exit the real estate market on a daily basis. Commercial, residential, industrial and land, agents and principals keep an eye on everything and everyone.  A property management professional takes care of property listings, lease agreements, tenancy exit administration, inspection scheduling, arrears, maintenance and so much more. Property management without a doubt provides a heck of a “to do” list and more so to actually accomplish, ensuring quality and accuracy is on point and property management is at a whole new level.

And that’s why there is such a surge in demand for real estate outsourcing solutions in many countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. The real estate and property management outsourcing landscape is now a global contributor to the entire industry. An example where this is clear is in the Philippines. Several offshoring providers have adopted the Niche setup to focus on one core industry and one of those is real estate.

Modern technology makes it possible to build and maintain the property management experience at an exceptional level for both industry and clients, seamlessly. Property management software programs help professio nals manage and access live real estate data and transactions 24/7.

Among the best software solutions are Property Tree and Gateway.

Property Tree by Rockend

Rockend manages 55% of rental properties and 40% of strata in Australia. Under Rockend, Property Tree is a cloud-based property management software. Hundreds of real estate professionals in Australia and New Zealand use this software everyday. Property Tree allows agents and principals to access and manage property data anywhere, anytime. It also protects and distributes information relating to property owners, tenants and creditors for present and future reference. Invoicing is also easier with Property Tree’s Invoice Genius feature. The ultimate software solution for your real estate business. With its cloud setup, Property Tree is a global contributor to the Property Management Outsourcing scene.

A benefit to adopting Rockend within your business – they provide extensive and one-on-one training to property management professionals. It takes time to fully familiarise yourself with all of the software’s features and functions. But once you’ve got it locked down, you’re guaranteed to rock the property management stage.

Gateway by Console

According to Gateway’s website, they can “control, track and manage the entire property life-cycle”. Gateway helps professionals with tenancy applications, lease renewals, lease terminations, invoicing, auditing, trust accounting, property marketing, receipting (reconciliations and disbursements) and so much more. Gateway also has built-in features to address document management, maintenance management, data management, automation and routine inspection scheduling.

With specialist modules for holiday letting and commercial property management. Gateway is suitable for various real estate businesses or companies. No matter the size or focus as it offers specific business processes. Basically, Gateway is the property management portal – maybe that’s why they called it “GATEWAY.”

Outsourcing Solutions

OFFSURE is proactive, efficient and driven in helping our real estate partners get ahead of the game. Our real estate and property management team are skilled and knowledgeable in utilising both Property Tree and Gateway. They are also adept in using other real estate tools like Inspect Real Estate, Move, ADL Forms, Maintenance Manager, 1Form and more.

Have you considered integrating your real estate business with an outsourcing provider?

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