Five Qualities of a GREAT Employee

This isn’t something you haven’t read before, there are unlimited articles on this topic, probably even with the same title. But what that tells us is that the value of a good employee is timeless. Professionals won’t stop publishing this content and there will always be an employer keen to know what to look for.

What do you look for and what have been some standout qualities you’ve experienced in great employees in the past? What qualities do you offer as an individual?


A Strong Work Ethic

Cliché but legit. Having a strong work ethic encompasses almost all of the best qualities of an employee; works hard, diligent, has integrity, honesty, character, punctuality, respect, efficiency etc. This quality makes this employee is a role model within your business. They find value in their role and how they’re contributing to the business overall – they care. They strive for the cause, not applause.

Good Communicator

Communication promotes a healthy work environment wherein employees are confident that what they have to say and share is valued. Even a dispute between employees at a time can be considered good communication – clearing the air, understanding where someone else is coming from, a different perspective creates a transparent, open environment. They speak not just to say something but for people to listen and they listen not just to hear something but so that people will talk.

Good communication comes from both good and bad information. Positive information shows effectivity, ROI and momentum, negative information highlights where we need to find solutions and make improvements. Open dialogue determines what is and isn’t working and encourages new ideas. A good communicator drives people, excites people and most of all, inspires people to be better.

Shows Initiative

An employee with initiative boosts productivity not only for themselves but for the entire team, consistently performing in their own role and capably assisting others where they need support. Just think about the impact if you had an entire team operating daily with the initiative.

Initiative leads to collaborative thinking – new ideas, solutions and concepts together to improve and develop process and concepts. When it comes to taking initiative, what goes around comes around. A team with this thinking will always feel and be supported.

Embracing Change 

These days, being tech-savvy is not enough. Many employees face the challenge of continually needing to adapt to dynamic technology and innovative tools to potentially help them within their roles. Technology and the human effort augment the workforce resulting in increased data security, efficient cloud-based support, seamless communication and beyond. Despite the threat of automation, the human workforce will always be relevant. great employees and modern technology are both irreplaceable, so why not integrate both for the best processes and results.

Focused on the Future

Success is never the finish line when it comes to business. There isn’t a finish line because there is no end to great service and doing great business. The ideal team are not simply focused on the task at hand but are also planning for what is coming. Challenges perceived not as obstacles, but rather opportunities to be better in something and the chance to contribute.

Employee Excellence

Finding value in business is not measured by outcomes or the money you generate from your operation. Business = Employee Excellence, that is, no way around it. You find value in others as they work with you, not for you. In every business, there’s the employee and the employer. The challenge now for employers is to retain these amazing people. It is not about keeping them happy, it is about embracing, not rewarding the quality and initiative they show, every single day.

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