Real Estate & Outsourcing


Real Estate outsourcing isn’t a good idea – it’s a great idea..!

How do we know?

Real estate companies around the globe are opting to outsource labour. Other than reducing staffing costs, outsourcing solutions help companies increase the return on both emotional and fiscal investment. Freed from burning hours on time-consuming admin such as loading property listings, lease & bond preparation, log maintenance etc property managers and agents can focus on their tenants, their clients and growing their rent roll – real money making activity.

Within the real estate industry, outsourcing truly delivers top-level technology and service.

Endless Solutions

Frequently described as an admin or administrative assistant role, these employees are not just clerks or secretaries. These staff are capable of accomplishing routine clerical though to senior level tasks, managing multiple skills for you as required.

Believe it or not, you can outsource more than 20 property management and sales administrations tasks. Tenancy application processing, lease renewals, property management, lending operations analysis, data entry, escrow mortgage management, client intelligence, etc. you name it. There is no need to employ dedicated staff per task or role.

These professionals are also able to check landlord insurance, police background checks and even tax depreciation reports using a tenancy database like TICA or National Tenancy Database in Australia.

Saving money on recruitment and employment is just the tip of the iceberg when what you really need are brilliant talent solutions in your business. Real estate employees in an outsourcing partnership can take care of several tasks within their role. These professionals are able to show progress within their first week and often the training required is minimal due to their previous employment experience. These professionals, on their first day, understand the role and responsibilities they have. They understand the value of their contribution to the business as a whole.

Their knowledge of the real estate industry also continues to grow, keeping track of the latest trends, news and changes and studying real estate market trends, legislative qualifications, property management systems etc.

Being smart around staffing costs is vital in a successful business – did you know in an outsourcing partnership, you can hire two or three admin assistants for the price of one sourced locally. You cut costs, plus improve your work quality and can increase output significantly.

Technology Augmentation

There are dozens of property management software options available for helping professionals manage their business. Cloud-based products accommodate residential, commercial and holiday properties. These tools are also capable of providing strategised and organised ways of processing routine clerical tasks.

Property Tree by Rockend is a great example of a real estate software solution. PropertyTree’s features include inspection workflow, maintenance workflow, automatic arrears, SMS notification, trust accounting, automated communications and more.

Reliable Technology + World-class Employees = Real Estate Excellence

Is it worth it?

On a global scale real estate remains a strong industry. However, it is regularly influenced by multiple factors – the economy, blockchain, cap rates, retail assets, transparency issues and more. Which is why there are no guarantees in this industry but having the right support will ensure you the help you need to better navigate your success.

Outsourcing is not a sure thing – you and your outsourcing partner as a team make it so.

If you can’t minimise the global economic risk, then you can minimise the hiring risk for your business. Maximise all your resources, both onshore and offshore.

Outsourcing will open the door to cost-effective staff solutions. Efficient service focus, employee excellence, work culture and business consistency is why you will stay.

Want to be a part of a great idea that will drive success in your business?

Welcome to the world of outsourcing!
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